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So you’ve decided to take the plunge and bring home a puppy or have fallen in love with an adult dog! It’s going to be wonderful to share your life with this adorable creature who looks at you so appealingly and offers you total affection and trust.

But do you really know what you’re letting yourself in for? Do you understand how your dog thinks and how to make him understand what you want? Is your home prepared for this new family member? Do you know why he behaves as he does and how to change his behaviour for your mutual benefit? Can you be sure you can guide him to becoming the obedient and loving companion you dreamed of?

Once your dog has been with you for a while you may find that he isn’t behaving quite as you’d expected despite your efforts.

Dog behaviour issues take many forms and can occur at any time in your pet’s life. Sometimes these issues can be addressed with focussed training but this alone does not always solve the problem. The sooner you address any unwanted behaviour the less likely it is to become a major problem.

What I offer

Does your dog bark all day?

Does he think “Heel” is just another noise you make?
Is he trying to dig his way out of your garden?
Does he use your house as a toilet?
Does he wreck your home when you leave him alone there?
Have you taken to walking him at the dead of night so he doesn’t attack other dogs or people?

Whatever your issue with your pet, from choosing and bringing home your new puppy, through training and socialising, to behaviour problems as an adult and dealing with the loss of your pet, I can help. I am a dog psychologist and canine behaviourist and have worked with dogs all my life. I can provide you with common sense guidance, proven techniques and support throughout the time you have with your dog to help you to achieve the peaceful and harmonious relationship you dream of.

Based in the beautiful Wye Valley,  FIDO Behaviour covers South Wales, the South West and the Midlands.

My services cover support and advice throughout your dog’s life including:

  • Pre purchase advice:
    • – Before bringing your puppy home
    • – How to introduce your pup to your home
  • Puppy socialisation and early training classes
  • Puppy behaviour consultations
  • Home behaviour consultations
  • Courses in behaviour modification
  • One to one training
  • Dog training classes
  • Email, Skype and telephone support
  • Agility classes for fun and fitness
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