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  • Cookie grows up

    Cookie grows up


    The past few months have been very strange. It took me a long time to work out that when Pixel went into the ground I wouldn’t see her any more. When they first put her down there I couldn’t understand it and ran to her bed in the house to see if she was there, then ran back outside to the big pile of earth. I was sure I could smell her but surely she wasn’t under the ground?

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  • Catch that Chicken

    Catch that Chicken

    The stairs are definitely getting steeper at home. It takes me so much longer than it used to to climb them. I have to rest every now and then before I get to the top. If I worry that I won’t be able to do it I bark until the boss turns up and she gives me a helping hand. There’s always an answer to any problem!

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  • Cookie has a date in Parkapella Wood

    Cookie has a date in Parkapella Wood

    I do love it when the days start to get longer and warmer. I can lie in the sunshine (when there is some) and smell the countryside bursting into life again around me but still stretch out in front of the fire in the evenings. I love going for walks up in the woods and splashing down by the river but I don’t like to go too far now, as I get a bit tired. Not too tired to play though!

    Over the past few days I’ve been watching the other dogs at home and I really think it’s time they settled down and became a bit more sensible.
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  • Chewing



    Chewing has been one of the greatest pleasures of my life so far.

    When I was a puppy I remember that the world was full of strange and exciting smells and objects. The best way to find out more about what they were like was to give them a good chew and then I could taste and smell them properly. Is it edible? Is it alive? With a bit of effort you can eat most things I’ve found, even stones and coal, although they don’t taste very good. The other thing I remember is that my teeth and gums used to hurt a lot and chewing made me forget about that for a while or even make it go away altogether sometimes.
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  • How Dogs Should Greet People

    How Dogs Should Greet People

    Where are the treats?

    It was clear to me when Cookie’s puppies were born, that they needed lessons in doing just about everything, as they had absolutely no manners. I’ve been around a while now and have learned an awful lot about people and how to train them, so here are my thoughts on greeting people, for you pups to learn from.
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  • The Strange Room

    The Strange Room

    Ready for work

    I don’t know why it is, but when I’m wearing my yellow coat the boss takes me into all sorts of strange places.  I know about the sad people in the beds. When we go there I put my head up onto the covers so I can see them and it makes them pat me and sometimes even give me a treat. Occasionally there’ll be someone sitting in a chair who hasn’t noticed me. I always go up to them and nuzzle them and usually they look at me and give me a stroke or a cuddle. I’m quite used to all the children who come up to me when we go to schools. They press on my back and all stroke me at once but I know they’re not being mean so I usually lie down and roll over for a belly rub. They shreek when I wave my legs and some of them even run away when I yawn and show my teeth. I like it when they laugh like that. I’ve even got used to being buried in soft toys and blankets whilst the children read me a story. It makes me warm and sleepy so I drift off to the sounds of their voices.
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  • Pixel and the Puppies

    Pixel and the Puppies

    That was a good lunch!

    The first sign that something was going on was the curious behaviour of Cookie. She spent the whole day just following the boss around and panting like she’d just been on a long run. I decided to try and play with her, but she didn’t want anything to do with it and instead half-heartedly chewed a ball for a few minutes before returning to her previous state. I gave up the effort as a lost cause and went to see if I could snaffle the bone Boulmer had been chewing all morning. Sadly, this was another lost cause.
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  • Cookie’s Blog

    Cookie’s Blog

    Cookie’s First Litter

    Growing fat was really getting me down. I love to run and especially to dash around the jumps and other painted things in the field, but over the past few weeks I’ve been finding it harder and harder to do. I get so out of breath that I have to lie down and pant for a while to recover. I even get left behind by Pixel on walks which I really don’t like as I‘m in charge around here and much younger than her. When I woke up yesterday I didn’t want to go out at all.  I just knew I needed a dark safe place to lie in and the new box I’d been given looked just ideal so I climbed in. It made me feel safe somehow and I didn’t want to go anywhere. I started to feel odd and had to keep making sure the boss was there. Somehow I didn’t want to be on my own and my belly was churning.
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  • Even more dogs!

    Even more dogs!

    New puppies

    Cookie’s new bed still hasn’t become mine and isn’t likely to do so soon, I realise now. I discovered yesterday that it had been moved into the sitting room. I’d love to sleep there rather than in the kitchen but unfortunately Cookie decided, after an awful lot of dithering, that she liked it and proceeded to sit in it panting all day long. She wouldn’t even come for a walk with us and didn’t want to play. I don’t understand why, but both the humans spent the night in the sitting room with her and I had to stay in the kitchen. I wasn’t impressed at all, but fell asleep eventually anyway. In the middle of the night there was lots of noise and lights turning on, and the boss and Georgie were rushing around all over the place. I listened for a while and considered getting up and seeing what was going on, but it was late and I was tired, so I just went back to sleep. The boss woke me really early next morning and after we’d been out for a run and sniff she let me into the sitting room. It was very warm as the fire was alight so I headed straight over to the mat in front of the fire and settled down. Cookie seemed to be lying in her bed and I was quite pleased that I had managed to get the best spot.
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  • Cookie’s New Bed

    Cookie’s New Bed


    Cookie’s new bed should be mine

    Cookie was given a new bed the other day. It’s enormous and looks much nicer than mine. It has a soft floor and a bit of a cave at one end. The only thing I don’t like about it is that there’s a rail running all the way around the inside so I can’t lean against the sides properly. I can still sleep comfortably in it though, even with Cookie next to me. The boss calls it Cookie’s whelping box, whatever that means, and encourages her to get in it all the time. She doesn’t really like it though, she’d rather have my bed. I think it’s great, and Boulmer is less keen, so perhaps he wouldn’t try and sneakily creep in like he does to the warm spot by the fire. I think the answer would be for Cookie and me to swap, I can’t see any problem with it, we share so many things after all.
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