Barking is not really the problem in domesticated dogs. It’s stopping it when you’ve had enough that causes the headaches! Barking is natural for dogs. It’s a signal to the rest of the world and they often enjoy doing it. They use it to communicate with other dogs and with people and we sometimes encourage […]

Structured Play

Daily life can be very boring for the average companion dog. After all, most dogs were bred to perform a useful function and these days the majority of them are expected to be happy to do very little except when we find time to take them out or give them our attention. In the wild, […]

Loose Lead Walking

  The reason so many dogs pull on their leads and drag their long-suffering owners along the street is because those owners have inadvertently taught their dogs that pulling is the way to move forward. Think about what happens when a dog reaches the end of its lead. The owner pulls back, the dog braces […]