Teaching the Down command

This method of teaching the Down command includes the use of a hand signal,which cansignificantly speed up learning and is invaluable  for distance work. With your dog seated, stand still and give the command ‘Down’. Within a second, hold a treat or favourite toy in one hand and lower it to be level with the […]

The Stay command

Have your dog on a lead and in the Sit position beside you. As your trained dog should do what you ask him to do until you tell him to do something else, you don’t actually need to use the word ‘Stay’ but many people find it difficult to resist! So, once your dog obeys […]

Observations on hugging dogs

Recent research from Stanley Coren, a world-renowned behavioural psychologist, has created an enormous amount of interest. Coren studied hundreds of photos of dogs being hugged and analysed their expressions to determine if they were stressed or not. He calculated that 81.6% of the dogs showed signs of stress and anxiety and concluded that owners should […]