Meeting the kittens

I’ve been living with my pack for nearly 9 years now and nothing like this has ever happened before. It’s always been me and the tall pack members and I know where I stand with them. As long as I do what I’m told and wait ‘til I’m invited to do things, we’re all happy, […]


Chewing has been one of the greatest pleasures in my life so far. When I was a puppy I remember that the world was full of strange and exciting smells and objects. The best way to find out more about what they were like was to give them a good chew and then I could […]

Wellie, Cookie and food

It’s been a while now and the puppy is still here. Wellie came to stay and it was fantastic. He’s been my best friend for ever and until Cookie came along he was the only one who really played with me properly. He’s really called Llewelyn but everyone’s given up using that name. Now there […]

Pixel accepts Cookie

It’s funny how life changes. I can’t really remember now what life was like before Cookie came along. She’s around all the time and I can’t imagine being without her. Although she’s only just an adult now we’ve settled into a routine of her leading the way most of the time. It clearly means a […]

Three Castles Walk

Hunting was wonderful today. I never know where we’re going because the boss deals with all that, but usually there are plenty of familiar smells and lots of messages from the local dogs and other animals. This time was different though. I sat about in the moving kennel for a while and we were in […]

Going for walks

Going out for walks is what I love best of all, apart from eating, of course, but that’s what hunting’s about too isn’t it, going looking for food?  There’s nothing like coming in after a long walk and finding dinner’s waiting. It’s not all hunting though. I do have to work some of the time. […]

Cookie is a pest!

It’s all very well having another dog about the house and I do like Cookie, but the trouble is she’s so young! Her energy is exhausting and it seems I’ve been given the job of teaching her manners. She does insist on jumping up onto me a lot, chewing my ears and gnawing at my […]