Life after Pixel

The past few months have been very strange. It took me a long time to work out that when Pixel went into the ground I wouldn’t see her any more. When they first put her down there I couldn’t understand it and ran to her bed in the house to see if she was there, […]

Boulmer has a moan

Boulmer definitely had more than his fair share when we had a bone yesterday. As usual we all had to sit and wait for them to be handed out, and Boulmer shot off into the garden with his immediately. I never run with mine. After all it’s not going to get away from me! Boulmer […]

A Very Wet Day

It never seems to stop raining these days. Every day the puddles get bigger and bigger and there’s so much water in the river I just daren’t go in because I’m pretty sure I’d be washed away and never get out again. This morning we went along by the river bank and into the woods […]

The Chocolate Log

Something was about to happen! I can always tell. Everyone was buzzing about acting differently from normal. The boss had less time for me than usual, shot from room to room with noisy machines and carried stuff around, arranging objects and putting things away.  She was making some wonderful food smells so I reckoned that […]

Arthur arrives

Nothing seems to stay the same around here for long and there are often dogs visiting and staying. Over the years I’ve met a lot of dogs and showed them how to behave. Some I like to play with and some I don’t. My legs are getting stiffer now so when the latest visitor arrived […]


Some days there’s just nothing to do around here. All I really want is a good walk and my paws itch to get out there. I can hear the boss tapping away in her office and sighing every now and then. I try to distract her with toys on her lap and sometimes it works […]