A disturbing visit to the vet

Not again! She forgot breakfast the other morning and took me to that place that makes me nervous, with its smells of animals and chemicals and stress. This time they were fiddling with a lump on my belly. I didn’t mind the lump as it didn’t hurt or anything but it was sort of wobbly and it was starting to rub against things which made me a bit sore sometimes. The boss seemed anxious about it and I tried to tell her it didn’t matter but she couldn’t understand me. I found it very confusing in that place. Everyone was so nice to me that I wanted to go in and greet them all but then they rolled me over and prodded me and took me off down a corridor. Before I realised that I had been separated from the boss, they had put me in the cage again. This time I just sat there, because I knew that barking wouldn’t do any good.

It wasn’t long though before they let me out again and l remembered the nice calm person who led me along, from the last time I was there. I gave her hand a lick and, as before, she stroked me and talked to me and then I fell asleep.

I don’t remember very much for a day or two after that. I was so sleepy that I didn’t want to move at all and my belly hurt if I did too much so I was really pleased that I was allowed to stay in the sitting room by the fire all night. I was so warm I could stay stretched out on the mat. I was quite relieved too that I didn’t have to sleep in the kitchen as I had tried to go down the steps towards my bed there once or twice but somehow my hind legs wouldn’t do it and I nearly fell over.

After a few days I was given a shirt to wear. It has holes for all my legs and the boss says it was something good for me to have. It is certainly very warm which is nice when we go out into the snow and ice. People in the street are stopping and making cooing noises at me, which hasn’t happened since I was a puppy. I don’t know why that’s happening.

I finally got to go out for a walk yesterday. It seems so long since I’ve been out that the smells were almost overwhelming and I wanted to run and run, but I’m still feeling a bit sore so instead I did a lot of sniffing in the hedges and rolled in the lovely wet grass.

There’s only one problem. I can’t manage to scratch my belly through all the cloth of the T shirt and it itches like crazy. I know she’s only trying to help but I just can’t get her to see that the shirt is in the way. Still, if I keep rolling enough I’ll rub it off in the end..