A Very Wet Day

It never seems to stop raining these days. Every day the puddles get bigger and bigger and there’s so much water in the river I just daren’t go in because I’m pretty sure I’d be washed away and never get out again. This morning we went along by the river bank and into the woods where the badgers, foxes and rabbits live. The ground was so wet, and it rained the whole time. In all the muddy footprints I could distinctly smell all the animals that had been past recently. The only problem was that it was so wet I nearly got stuck in the mud churned up by the cows. I was sniffing through a big boggy area and was sure I could smell rats when I suddenly realised my back legs wouldn’t move. I tried to pull them out, but they were just too deeply sunk in to the mud. The boss was calling me and I couldn’t get to her. I was really panicking that she might head off and leave me behind. Thank goodness, she eventually realised and came over to help me out by pulling my back end up. I didn’t like that though. It was very demeaning.

When we finally trotted back home the boss hosed me down and I headed off for a good sleep in my soft bed downstairs. I’d only just dozed off when I was woken up suddenly by the sound of my name. When I opened my eyes my bed was surrounded by water. It didn’t register for a short while and then I thought, ‘It’s dry here, and I’m not getting out!’, so I pretended I hadn’t heard. The voice clearly wasn’t going to give up though so eventually Boulmer and I had to step out of our warm beds into 6 inches of freezing cold water. Oddly, when I turned around, my bed had moved across the room and was wobbling a little. The humans were dashing around and making a lot of noise with machines with long pipes on them and all the windows were open. We headed off upstairs to the kitchen and settled down where it’s nice and warm – by the Aga.

As dinner time approached I felt my tummy start to rumble so got out of bed ready for food. I thought ‘Dinner is usually down in the cellar. The cellar is full of water. Will I still get my food or will it be floating around? Oh wait a minute. It’s all right. My bowl is on legs so I don’t have to bend down to eat, so I won’t have to follow it round the floor at all! I can relax then. Oh wait, she has brought my bowl up here so I don’t have to go paddling down there to get it. That’s a relief!’

I still really don’t understand why she wanted to go back down there though, to paddle around carrying things about, sighing, when everything important, my food and bed, were upstairs where it’s warm and dry.