Arthur arrives

Nothing seems to stay the same around here for long and there are often dogs visiting and staying. Over the years I’ve met a lot of dogs and showed them how to behave. Some I like to play with and some I don’t. My legs are getting stiffer now so when the latest visitor arrived I didn’t feel like running around. He was so tiny I thought I might crush him if I tried anyway. I could see that he was really terified as he wouldn’t come out from under Charles’ coat when he first came into the garden. I lay down next to him and he soon became brave enough to venture out. It didn’t take him long to start exploring and soon he was following me about all over the place. He seems a decent chap. He’s not pushy or nippy but he makes lots of funny little noises, especially when he gets wet. He hates it, and rolls about on his back untilĀ  he feels better. He sleeps in a den in the kitchen and, from the way everyone is behaving, I suspect he is staying here. That’s OK. I’ll show him how things work and where the best digging spots are. I hope he won’t fall down one of my holes – we’ll never get him out again!