Boulmer arrives

It’s not unusual for dogs to come and stay for a while. It’s fun to have someone different to play with and the same dogs come back again and again and are really like members of the pack. I can’t remember how long ago it was that Boulmer came. I assumed that he’d be around for a while and then go as they all seem to, but it didn’t work out that way. I like him and he’s easy to get along with.

He’s slow and stubborn but calm and we have some good games together. He and Cookie really didn’t accept one another easily though and it was obvious they were having a battle to work out who was in charge. They didn’t actually do any fighting, especially as Cookie is so young, but she’d run mad rings round and round him teasing and barking while he stood growling and barking back, She’d leap to get through doors before him and he’d growl and push back, When they played she was always trying to get onto his back and he hated it. The trouble was, as he’s getting older and couldn’t keep up with her, he decided on a different way to show what he felt and started pooing in front of her bed! I kept well out of it as I don’t really care who’s in charge and the boss’s reaction made me nervous!

It went on for ages and eventually she started talking about Boulmer going away. I reckon he heard her, because he decided to show her just how helpful he could be by taking her slippers to her that afternoon when she came in. After that he sort of gave up arguing with Cookie. They don’t play rough games anymore and they love being together and even sometimes sleep in the same bed. Cookie usually gets to go first though when we go out, even though she’s younger. He’s probably going to be here for a long time I reckon.

I have accepted now that my life of being an only dog is over, and honestly, I think I’m definitely better off, even if I do miss my lovely peace and quiet sometimes…