Boulmer has a moan

Boulmer definitely had more than his fair share when we had a bone yesterday. As usual we all had to sit and wait for them to be handed out, and Boulmer shot off into the garden with his immediately. I never run with mine. After all it’s not going to get away from me! Boulmer always finishes his first because he’s such a pig and then he’ll sit and stare at Cookie and me waiting for one of us to be distracted so he can nip in and take over the chewing. I’m wise to that now though and keep the bone between my paws until I’ve had enough of it. After that I don’t really mind what he does with it. This time though, even after his bone had disappeared, he kept chewing. He was licking his lips a lot as well. When he’d been doing it for a while he started moaning and whimpering with long mournful sighs. I couldn’t understand it. Eating usually makes him so happy. The boss couldn’t work it out either and began to look a little worried. She eventually sat down next to him to check him out. He didn’t really want her to touch his face I noticed and kept turning it away. She finally got his mouth open and had a good look around inside. She suddenly started to laugh. The greedy guts had managed to wedge a big lump of fatty meat in between his front teeth and it wouldn’t come out, so he had a snack for later I suppose. I can’t think why he didn’t seem to enjoy it though. After all having food in his mouth is what Boulmer likes best! Still, at least he stopped moaning so I could sleep off my meal in peace.