Cookie arrives at her new home

Today was like every other day I’ve known, until the strangers came. I spent my time playing with my littermates and eating when I could –  I had to push a bit sometimes to get what I could grab as some of them are so greedy! My mum isn’t around as much anymore. She got kind of fed up with us somehow, but it’s fine as I’m happier exploring and trying to show my brothers and sisters how strong I am than hanging around trying to play with her, cos she doesn’t want to play anymore.

Then the strange people arrived and started making the noises that they all do – Ahs and giggles and so on, and I assumed they’d go away like all the others had. This time it was different though. I was picked up and taken into a room where I’d never been before, and the people were there with another dog. It looked friendly and just like my Mum, so I ran up to it and chewed its tail. It didn’t seem to mind too much and greeted me with a good sniff. Then I was whisked off the ground and put in a big box in a bigger box which smelled of people, dogs and metal and I could hear all the people clambering in there too. The noise was terrifying and everything shook, and I was thrown from side to side and it smelt strange and there was nothing I recognized and the noises were odd and I was frightened and my stomach felt odd so I had a poo. That didn’t make me feel any less unhappy and I was soon sick as well. I didn’t like that either and was so stressed that I ate it all up quickly. All the time I was shouting to be taken back and that all I needed was to cuddle up to my mum, but nobody seemed to understand.

Eventually the shaking and noise stopped, and the big box was lifted down to a cold place full of strange smells. The floor was wet and covered with plants and the ceiling was so far above I could even see it. There were the same human voices but nothing else I could recognize. Then I smelled the dog I’d met before, so I felt a little braver and clambered out of the box to touch it. It wanted to play but I was too scared and had a good sniff around first. There was so much space and no walls. The smells were so different and strong I just wanted my brothers and sisters there, so I pushed up against the strange dog and it sat down. That was good, and her smell made me feel a bit better.

They led me into a big house and showed me a den which had water and a bed in it. The food tasted great and chasing the dog was fun but so tiring and I eventually fell asleep, to wake up in the bed in the den. I wanted to be with my brothers and sisters when it got dark but they weren’t there and I barked and whined to be allowed to go to them. Then I realised that the other dog didn’t seem bothered, and nobody came to let me out, so I finally fell asleep again.

I wonder if I’ll wake up at home again tomorrow?