Cookie gets into trouble

I do like it when the days start to get longer and warmer. I can lie in the sunshine (when there is some) and smell the countryside bursting into life again around me but still stretch out in front of the fire in the evenings. I love going for walks up in the woods and splashing down by the river but I don’t like to go too far now, as I get a bit tired. Not too tired to play though!

Over the past few days I’ve been watching the other dogs at home and I really think it’s time they settled down and became a bit more sensible.

Cookie is in season again. I don’t know why it happens so often for her; it’s not so frequent for me and when it does happen I just feel a bit down for a while. Cookie is really desperate for babies I think. She paces around the house restlessly and is so excited every time a dog passes by the house I think she’s going to jump out of the window. In the past few days she has even decided that Boulmer might oblige her. He doesn’t have a clue what she’s getting at and wouldn’t be able to help her even if he did. Normally she makes it clear to him that she’s in charge and sort of ignores him but all of a sudden she is bringing him little gifts, waiting for him at doorways and pushing herself up against him in a loving kind of way. It only makes him uncomfortable and so he barks at her to leave him alone, which keeps me awake. Cookie even decided she’d have a try with me last night and nearly knocked me over. Stupid dog! The final frustration is that little Arthur reckons he’s in with a chance with her and howls and yaps the entire time when he’s not with her. Silly boy! He’s only 7 months old and his nose doesn’t even reach up to her bottom but that doesn’t seem to bother him in the least. He bounces around on his hind legs looking frantic and hopeful. Cookie doesn’t seem to have realised that he isn’t a puppy anymore, thinks he’s just being a pest and runs off whenever she can. So altogether the house is so noisy and stressed that I was really glad when the boss decided to take Cookie out for a walk on her own this afternoon.

It must have been a brilliant walk because they were away for hours. When they finally returned, Cookie was covered in mud, with strange dog-smelling slobber all over her back and panting happily with a smug, contented look on her face. Shocking! I’d have thought she’d had enough of puppies after last year. They were exhausting! For some reason though, the boss didn’t look at all happy and stomped into the kitchen muttering and ignoring me completely which left me a little confused..

Life is a lot quieter this evening as Cookie is relaxed and sleepy and doesn’t seem to be so interested in either Boulmer or me anymore and Arthur has been banished to another room. Peace at last and all is well with the world as ever!