Cookie has pups

Growing fat was really getting me down. I love to run and especially to dash around the jumps and other painted things in the field, but over the past few weeks I’ve been finding it harder and harder to do. I get so out of breath that I have to lie down and pant for a while to recover. I even get left behind by Pixel on walks which I really don’t like as I‘m in charge around here. When I woke up yesterday I didn’t want to go out at all.  I just knew I needed a dark safe place to lie in and the new box I’d been given looked just ideal so I climbed in. It made me feel safe somehow and I didn’t want to go anywhere. I started to feel odd and had to keep making sure the boss was there. Somehow, I didn’t want to be on my own and my belly was churning.

I rested all day and hoped I’d feel better by the evening but I started to get pains in my belly instead and some very strange feelings. I kept going out into the garden to make sure I didn’t disgrace myself in the house but eventually I realised I wasn’t going to make it and was anxious I’d be in trouble. The boss spoke kindly to me and led me back to my new box and a minute later I squeezed something out onto the mat. I didn’t know what it was. I was worried at first. It smelled familiar but I didn’t know why, so I licked it a bit and then ignored it. A few minutes later I had to push again and another one came out. It was really uncomfortable and I moaned a bit. When I sniffed and licked this one it moved! The boss was holding the first one and put it down next to me and both of them started wriggling about. I had no idea what was happening and panicked! I whimpered and backed into the corner of the bed to get away from them. The boss laughed and encouraged me to sniff them again. When I did, one of them squeaked. That sound changed everything. I really wanted to touch, lick and protect it. They were my puppies. I was a Mum! I began to lick them all over and gobbled up all the food attached to them. I knew then that it was going to happen again and it did, again and again. After a while I got the hang of it and cleaned them up more and more quickly. After hours and hours, I finally realised I was empty and flopped down to check how they all smelled and whether or not they were OK. They’re all fine and warm. Now they spend all their time crawling over one another and hanging on to my teats. It was odd at first but it feels right so I let them stay there. I do miss running around outside though. I wait until they’re asleep and dash out and whizz around after a ball as fast as possible for a while until I feel better. Then I shoot back inside to my den and gather them all up against my tummy. It feels so right and I’m very happy.