Cookie learns a lesson

I’m getting very grown up now. I often go out for walks with Pixel, play in the woods and the fields and sometimes to sniff out new, exciting places . I’ve got used to the lovely places we go for walks and I know where everything is and what smells to expect, except when new animals have been where we go. If anything changes though I get a bit worried. It frightens me when things aren’t the way I expect them to be.

We went for a walk into the fields yesterday, where the plants are all in neat rows and the path around the edge is really muddy and full of great smells. As we walked down the hill at the side of the field I suddenly spotted an enormous yellow beast, just crouching at the bottom of the hill. It must have been 50 times bigger than me. I was terrified and started barking and wanted to run away. Pixel immediately trotted down the hill towards the beast and I barked wildly to stop her. It might hurt you! She ambled up to the creature and climbed up on top of it! Oh, perhaps it isn’t so dangerous after all then. I crept down to be closer and cautiously took a sniff at it. It smelled unnatural and a bit like the moving box we go visiting people in. It’s obviously not something that can hurt me. Pixel is so brave to actually get into it and I couldn’t do that, but at least I know now that everything is all right.


Note: It’s not uncommon for young dogs to be afraid of changes in their environment. Never force them towards something they fear but take an example from Pixel. Don’t look at your dog or speak to her but approach the object calmly to let your puppy know that there isn’t a problem. She will soon learn to relax. If she decides to investigate, that’s great, but she will gain confidence in her own time.