This bed should be mine!

Cookie was given a new bed the other day. It’s enormous and looks much nicer than mine. It has a soft floor and a bit of a cave at one end. The only thing I don’t like about it is that there’s a rail running all the way around the inside so I can’t lean against the sides properly. I can still sleep comfortably in it though, even with Cookie next to me. The boss calls it Cookie’s whelping box, whatever that means, and encourages her to get in it all the time. She doesn’t really like it though, she’d rather have my bed. I think it’s great, and Boulmer is less keen, so perhaps he wouldn’t try and sneakily creep in like he does to the warm spot by the fire. I think the answer would be for Cookie and me to swap, I can’t see any problem with it, we share so many things after all.

The only things Cookie doesn’t like to share are balls when they are thrown for us. She’s usually so speedy that Boulmer and I don’t even get close before she’s running back with a grin on her face and the ball in her mouth. Recently though, she’s not so fast and, although she stills tries to get to the ball first, I can sometimes beat her which is brilliant! When I do, I make sure she doesn’t get it back. It’s only fair, she does the same to me! She even hides it sometimes, just so Boulmer and I can’t have it. She’s getting really fat too and I’m not surprised, as she’s getting extra food which is really not fair! We knew something was going on when the boss started disappearing with her downstairs without us, so Boulmer and I decided to investigate. We crept after them and both had a good sniff under the door. The boss must’ve thought we wouldn’t notice, but we can smell exactly what’s going on! That’s probably the reason she’s slowed down so much and is panting all the time. Again, I have come up with a solution which solves everyone’s problems; the extra food should obviously go to me. I’m not fat and I can still run really well. Alas, as usual, I can’t seem to make her understand, it’s very frustrating. Humans can be so dense sometimes!