Digging – a dog’s perspective

What can I teach you about digging? Well, where do I start? I love it! The more I dig the better I like it. That feeling of mud clogging between my toes, the delicious smells that waft up out of the ground, the way it makes me pant and feel I’ve worked really hard. Every now and then I hit a stubborn root and I get to tug and gnaw at it until it finally tears away. Great feeling of satisfaction.

You have to try it. When the weather’s really hot, a good wide hole is an ideal spot to cool down in. If the day is really boring and I haven’t had the chance to go for a walk, digging’s a great way to pass the time. Keeps me fit too. Not long ago I was given a massive bone and although I concentrated hard on it, I couldn’t eat it all at once so a hole was the obvious answer, to stop the others stealing it.

I personally find digging is best in the Autumn. The ground is soft and wet and the mud flies out easily. The scents of small animals are everywhere and really strong. Squirrels are dashing about gathering up the nuts and fruits, mice, shrews and rats are hoarding up seeds and other food. In the early morning moles’ noses burst out of the ground and if I dig fast enough I’m sure to catch one someday. Meanwhile I want to see how far behind me I can kick out the soil.

The absolute best place to dig is on the beach. You can make massive holes really quickly and chase the strange creatures that pop up before the water seeps in and covers them up. The sand flies a really long way out behind as well, which always makes me feel proud of myself.

The only problem is that the boss doesn’t like me doing it when we’re at home. I don’t really understand her as sometimes she lets me, when we’re in the woods or on the beach. We have a perfectly good garden at home which the moles get to dig in but when she’s there she tells me to stop. I do stop because I like to please her and she’ll often throw a ball for me to chase instead, which I can’t resist, and I get a cuddle or a treat when I take it back to her.

Sometimes though, when she’s not around, it’s hard to resist. Cookie and I went out the other week on our own when the boss was busy tapping on the lighted box. I reckon there must have been a whole family of moles under the grass and I watch the boss sighing and kicking at the mounds they make sometimes so we decided it was time to get rid of them once and for all. As we dug they moved along away from us. We could hear them and smell them as they went away from us. It was very frustrating and extremely exciting too and the more they moved the harder we dug. We got so carried away we didn’t hear the first ‘No’ floating through the air around us until it was repeated, louder and crosser. The boss appeared behind the shouts. Oops! We’d dug some impressive channels though, to excavate where they’d been, and I was sort of hoping we might go back and finish it off some other time. Somehow though they had disappeared when I next went to investigate but I could smell the mud and moles on the boss’s boots so maybe she caught them instead.