Some days there’s just nothing to do around here. All I really want is a good walk and my paws itch to get out there. I can hear the boss tapping away in her office and sighing every now and then. I try to distract her with toys on her lap and sometimes it works for a bit but not often. Another good trick is to run to the door and bark as if there’s a visitor coming. That always gets her out of her chair but if there’s nobody there she’s not too impressed.

At least if I want I get to sniff around in the garden for a while outside, especially down in the ground. I can catch a passing whiff of rat and mouse and if I really push down I’m sure I’ll eventually get that mole that burrows along underneath. I’ve tried digging it out a few times but it moves too fast. Digging’s great though. It gets rid of the itchy feeling in my paws and I know I’m really hunting hard.

The boss came out the other day and found me digging round the edges of a fence in the garden. I reckon there’s definitely something down there. She didn’t seem very interested in the hole or the smell of mole and called me away to a field across the way where she showed me where she reckoned there was something hiding. I couldn’t smell anything but it was fun digging anyway. Every time she sees me digging in the garden she takes me to the field and seems delighted when I dig holes there so I’ve decided there has to be something worth catching down under there somewhere so I’m going to concentrate on the field from now on until I get it.

When we go out for walks both the boss and I love digging. I’m much better at it than she is though and usually she’ll show me where she thinks is a good spot and I take over. Haven’t caught anything yet but I’m not giving up. Digging makes me sleepy though so when I get home I usually collapse into my box and dream about the next time.