Finding a Chicken

I don’t know why she keeps putting stuff in my eyes. They feel absolutely fine and I can see really clearly now. I reckon I can probably see better than the boss, at least it seemed that way the other day.

As usual Cookie was bouncing about and she and I were in the garden. I was investigating a mouse hole when I heard wild squawking from the chickens and looked up to see Cookie whizzing round in circles sending them flying up in the air in all directions. It made me uncomfortable because I know I’m not allowed to go near the chickens and all that flapping made me want to chase them as well. Before I could do anything the boss came running out of the house looking very angry and shouting. I cowered down because I didn’t know what I’d done but it had to be bad. She ran straight past me and grabbed Cookie, who was hauled away and I didn’t see her for a while. She’d obviously forgotten about me thank goodness.

A few days later I saw the boss walking round and round the garden calling the chickens. She seemed to feel that they weren’t all there as the ones in the garden ran up to her but she kept looking. I wandered along with her, sniffing in the hedges and generally making sure she was all right. We walked quite a long way from the chicken pen and as we went along the big hedge where the shrews sometimes hide I suddenly smelled something different. It was quite high up in the hedge but definitely moving and so I strained to look and smell it better. It was a chicken! I looked at the boss and then back at the chicken a few times but it took ages before the boss realised what I was doing and came to have a look. She was really thrilled and patted and hugged me until I rolled over on my back for a belly rub. She then had to spend about 5 minutes trying to pull the stupid bird out from all the tangled branches. The silly creature just looked at her and squawked. As soon as she put it on the ground it started eating as if nothing had happened.

We went straight back to the house where I was given a really smelly bone and Cookie didn’t get anything. I wonder why?