Mat by the Fire

Pixel  here. I think I’m being tested today. It’s a bit worrying really. My mat has always been in front of the fire in this room and I’m supposed to sit on it when I’m in here, so that’s where I’m going to sit. After all, the boss congratulates me when I go and lie on it when I’d prefer to climb up on her on the sofa.

The trouble is the mat seems to have disappeared under another enormous mat that seems to be covered in bits of stone. Someone is trying to fool me here. They’ve even taken away the fireplace now and I can smell the garden through the hole. Perhaps they think I’ll give up my bed. They haven’t reckoned with my nose. I know darn well this is the right place and even if they keep making that terrible screaming noise with those things they’re holding, I’m not moving. The people making the noises seem to think this is funny but I know that this is where I’m safe, even if they tear down the whole building. The boss doesn’t seem at all bothered by the noise, the odd smells and the strange people coming and going so I don’t see why I should bother either. If I’m lucky I might even persuade someone to drop a biscuit or two if I drool a lot when they’re quiet for a while and drinking from those pots.

My fur smells odd though, kind of earthy and dusty. Oh well, I can always shake it off later if the boss lets me into her bedroom.