Meeting the kittens

I’ve been living with my pack for nearly 9 years now and nothing like this has ever happened before. It’s always been me and the tall pack members and I know where I stand with them. As long as I do what I’m told and wait ‘til I’m invited to do things, we’re all happy, but the other day things changed.

Out of a box in the kitchen crept two small animals that didn’t smell like puppies but were definitely young. I tried to lick them but they ran away making a strange hissing sound. The boss was very protective of them and kept me away. They started to do their business in the house, in a big dish in the corner of the kitchen. It smells so delicious!

I guess that’s why I was put into another room to sleep, as the boss wanted it for herself. The boss feeds them all the time and even feeds them when she’s not eating herself. Strange, I didn’t get anything either. The rest of the pack pet them, cuddle them and let them do what they like so I reckoned they must be more important than me in the order of things. I kept away from them as much as possible. If they went into my box I got out quickly. I wanted to go out of the kitchen but one of them was in the doorway and I couldn’t get past. It was difficult when the boss called me from the next room. How could I obey without pushing this higher ranking animal out of the way? It isn’t done. Eventually the boss moved the kitten out of my way.

I’m glad to say things have settled down a bit now. The boss always lets me have something to eat when she feeds the kittens, even if it’s something tiny, and I’m allowed to sniff them as much as I like. I even get to sleep in my box again in the kitchen, where they are. I’ve realised they’re not so important after all.

They’re very odd though. When I want to play and get down on my haunches and bark to them, they run off. Then when I lie down they walk all over me, chew my tail and try to cuddle up to me. It’s very confusing and I get quite frustrated. They’re no bigger than my head so I can’t imagine they’ll be much good at bouncing and boxing anyway, but we’ll see.