Pixel accepts Cookie

It’s funny how life changes. I can’t really remember now what life was like before Cookie came along. She’s around all the time and I can’t imagine being without her. Although she’s only just an adult now we’ve settled into a routine of her leading the way most of the time.

It clearly means a lot to her as even when she was a puppy and we used to play all the time, she’d jump on top of me as much as she could. She likes to go through doorways in front of me as well and do everything before I do. I let her do it usually because it really isn’t important to me who walks in front or how high up I sit. What I do care about though is my bone and my dinner and I’ve made it very clear to her that there’s no way she’s having them! She gets the message. She’s become a definite member of our pack now and even does all the guarding and barking so I can relax. She always waits for me if I’m slower than her when we’re out walking. The other day I trod on something really sharp out in the fields, yelped and sat down because it hurt so much. She came rushing up to me even before the boss got there, wagging her tail and nuzzling me to see if I was alright. I liked that and I know we’ll always be good friends.