Pixel’s Surprise Breakfast

We had a wonderful morning the other day. When we first got up, the boss didn’t give us our breakfast straight away which was a bit worrying. Boulmer was particularly alarmed and spent about 10 minutes walking from his bowl to the boss and back, whining. I just lay down and waited. Moaning never makes any difference I find.

She bundled us all into the moving kennel with our leads so I forgot all about eating as we were clearly going for a good walk! The last time we did this first thing in the morning Cookie got so excited she threw up her breakfast all over the back of the kennel so it’s a pity I was in the front as I love tripe! It didn’t happen this time though and we soon arrived somewhere that smelt of water and birds. The boss climbed out and put three bowls on the ground, each with food in them, then came round to open the door and let me out. She led me to a bowl and gave me permission to start eating whilst she let the others out of the back. It was delicious and I soon polished it all off! I pride myself in the speed I can eat! I did wonder though why she’d bothered to put it into 3 bowls. I would have been quite happy to have it all together in one. Still, I accept that I don’t understand everything about humans. When Cookie and Boulmer arrived he started whining again and for some reason the boss seemed agitated. They didn’t get any breakfast either. I can’t think why not. Anyway the walk was wonderful, sniffing through the long grass and mud next to an enormous river. When we arrived back at the moving kennel I felt full and tired and fell asleep almost as soon as we set off for home.