Three Castles Walk

Hunting was wonderful today. I never know where we’re going because the boss deals with all that, but usually there are plenty of familiar smells and lots of messages from the local dogs and other animals. This time was different though. I sat about in the moving kennel for a while and we were in a new place then that smelled of grass and stone and people. Whatever we were hunting was miles away and we kept on and on for hours. After a while of sheep, rabbit, fox, grass and other smells we came across a place where there was a fence. The boss actually climbed up over the top! She then tried to get me to do the same but it was only a paw width deep and high up so how could I do that? I know I’m supposed to do as I’m told so I had a go and stuck my head through it as high as I could, but really, I’m not a cat!  Eventually she got me to put my front paws on the top and then picked me up to get me over. I didn’t like that ‘cos it hurt my neck, but it was the only way to stay with her so that’s what we did.

The hunt got better and better. I kept checking to see if the boss was turning round but no, we went on and on. The fences kept coming though and I sort of got used to the grabbing and lifting. We finally discovered some water in a place where people sat about drinking from things in their hands and I persuaded the boss that I needed at least half of her lunch.

On we went, past more sheep and over more fences. Then we came to a place with a whole crowd of large animals in it which I thought were dogs. I made the usual greeting to one of them, slowly approaching with my tail wagging low, and headed round to sniff its bottom. It made the oddest sound, like a moo, and galloped off. That was strange but then an even bigger one headed for me at a run with its head down. It didn’t look too aggressive to me but the boss completely lost it and started yelling at me to come to her. When I looked she was heading for another of those fences. I got there just before the snorting big dog came up behind us and the boss was very rough as she threw me over the fence. Can’t really understand why, but at least I landed on my feet.

By the end of the day I was fed up with being hauled over fences and decided it was time to turn back, even if the rest of the pack were planning on going on. Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that. If the boss carries on, so do I, so I took a deep breath and lifted up my feet for her to grab me again. After only two more we arrived back at the grass, stone and people place and the reward was there. Loads of water, a big bowl of food and some for the boss as well. It was great!

The next day one of the pack wanted me to go running, but I figured that one day walking until dusk was enough for a while so politely turned my back on her and went back to dreaming about large dogs and fences.