Treats on the floor

I thought I was the only one who had worked out how the system works in the kitchen.

The boss will never actually offer me titbits when she’s putting food together and makes me go in my box if I try to sniff around for scraps anywhere near her.  If I stay behind her though, she doesn’t always see me and then I can concentrate on the most interesting place in the room – the floor next to her feet. The thing is, when she’s playing with food and noisy pans she occasionally knocks something off onto the floor, which is my cue to creep in and scoff up whatever it is. I’ve learned that the thing to do in the kitchen is to keep a close eye on the floor whenever she decides to play around with food, just in case. I never know what it is until I snap it up, but even if it’s something boring like a piece of red pepper or cucumber it’s still worth eating. But sometimes it’s really good, like a bit of pasta or even meat.  However, if I hear the grater scraping I know there are sure to be bits of cheese trickling down to the floor so I always keep my ears open for that, even if I’m next door.

The other day I was snoozing in the sitting room and heard the unmistakable sounds of the grater so I jumped up and quietly padded into the kitchen to get behind her. To my surprise, Arthur was already there, staring intently at the floor. He was really concentrating hard and I just couldn’t beat him when he dashed in before me to gobble a falling flake. He’s so little he can get in front of her legs without her even noticing, and whip out again fast. Every now and then she span round and spotted us there and ordered us away with an imperious wave. We kept our distance for a while but once we realised she was concentrating again we couldn’t resist sneaking forward. The next time, I spotted the flake first and lunged for it, but my legs are longer than Arthur’s and I can’t turn as fast so I managed to slide into the boss’s legs, nearly knocking her flying. After that we were both ordered right out of the kitchen until she’d finished. I managed to get the bit of cheese though!