Wellie, Cookie and food

It’s been a while now and the puppy is still here. Wellie came to stay and it was fantastic. He’s been my best friend for ever and until Cookie came along he was the only one who really played with me properly. He’s really called Llewelyn but everyone’s given up using that name. Now there are 3 of us it’s great! Wellie and I do our usual fighting and Cookie tends to swing off one of our tails, an ear or a throat. Doesn’t hurt though and I give her a good run round the garden to get her off. She gets to be a bit of a pain after a while so I sort her out with a growl and she stops. Wellie is so much bigger than her. Thinking about it he’s bigger than me! But he knows he’s not the pack leader and always waits for us to go in and out before him. Cookie has only just worked out that the boss and I go first but the boss kept us hanging around for ages to get the message across, so when Wellie came it was all easy really.

Trouble is that Cookie helps herself to his dinner and he even lets her! I wouldn’t do that unless he walks away from it, which he does sometimes when he first comes to stay. She’ll push past him though, unless the boss is watching, when butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth! Wellie doesn’t feel he should stand up to her because he’s not normally in our pack, but he’s about 6 times bigger than her and I reckon possession is what it’s all about when it comes to food. I wait around behind him if the boss isn’t looking, to see if he leaves any for me. If I get close enough to really smell the food he eats faster though. I notice that recently he’s taken to eating his food much faster and all in one go. It’s a pity really.