Ever since I grew up I’ve loved being able to jump up into the back of the car. It usually means we’re going for a really good walk or at least visiting somewhere interesting. I can’t wait for the door to open because I know it means we’re going to have a good time together and I certainly don’t want to be left behind. Recently though, I’ve been finding that I just can’t manage it. I jump up my with my front legs but somehow the back end just won’t follow. I don’t really understand why. I never did like jumping things much and really prefer running, and I can do that for ages, but the back of the car has just become too high. I do try to get in but end up standing there wondering what to do and looking at the boss hopefully. Fortunately she gives me a helping hand. It isn’t a problem getting out though and when she helped me the other day I soon find myself in a wonderful wood full of fox and rabbit smells. We had a great hunt but then when we got back to the car the legs wouldn’t do it again. I don’t understand it. When she saw me she let me sit in the front of the car on the floor next to her. I used to do that when I was a puppy. I love it! It’s the best place of all to be because it’s like a cosy den and I can lie there and watch her as she sits staring into space and holding the ring thing.  Since then I get to sit with her every time we go out, even if Cookie and Boulmer are with us. They have to sit in the back but I know they quite like it there because they can walk around and see all the sights from the windows. Me, I’m just pleased to be close to the boss and to know that even though I seem to be getting oddly stiff as I get older, I still get to do everything that I love.