This service identifies the causes of canine behaviour issues with you in your home and helps you address them through an understanding of dog psychology and of your relationship with your pet. Once the causes of an issue have been identified you will be shown how to communicate effectively with your pet to guide him or her to change the way they feel and therefore the way they behave, in any potentially difficult situation. In this way you will learn to create a balanced and positive relationship.

A questionnaire will be sent to you to supply detailed information about the issues and background facts. I will ask questions and observe your pet’s behaviour and will explain what is happening and how to address it. I provide a written report with recommendations and give support in implementing them. Normally I will visit your home to assess your pet’s behaviour. If you live too far away for this to be practicable, a detailed recording demonstrating your pet’s issues can be used as a basis for consultation.

After approximately 4 weeks your dog’s progress will be assessed and from there further sessions will be organised if necessary.

Patience, persistence and consistency are the keys to success!