Pixel at a Training Course

In my position as the boss’ right hand dog, I do lots of different jobs. I go with her to other people’s houses and meet all sorts of dogs. Sometimes they’re frightened, sometimes they can be pretty mean, but I can always tell how they really feel and usually after a while they settle down and play with me. One of my other duties is a bit different.

Every now and then in the evenings the boss takes me to a big hall where puppies are running around. I do like meeting them but am not so keen on playing and nearly always they’re not polite and crash into me or jump up, so I  tell them off until they settle down, which the humans seem to like.

Once Cookie’s puppies had all left, I was really delighted to find that there were some living in that hall in the evenings when I went there once. So that’s where they went! There were a few other dogs too. I was really pleased to see them, and they were all desperate to come and greet me. The boss gave the word and everyone was allowed to come and play again just for a bit. I still had to tell them off occasionally but they’d clearly remembered what I had taught them before they left.

Eventually, everyone went back on their leads and the boss got me to sit a few times for some cheese in front of everyone. I have no objection to this, I love cheese, but she always seems to forget that I know how to sit and have been doing it for many years. Ah well, anything for food!

They put me into the little kitchen then for a while, where I could still smell the treats and hear the cries of ‘Sit!’ and ‘Come!’ through the big window in the wall. I used to find it a bit odd and did what the voices were telling me even though I couldn’t see anyone but finally realised that I could have a rest instead. Every time I’m there, after a while, Georgie comes in and fiddles about with various things. Sometimes she accidently drops something on the floor and I’ve quite often gotten to lick up a pile of sugar or some spilt milk. She always makes a fuss of me too and gives me a nice stroke and a bowl of water, so I don’t really feel left out at all.

I eventually get let out again into the hall to play for a while and then they all start to leave, one by one. Maybe the puppies won’t be there next time. I sometimes miss having them around at home except when they hang off my ears, so I hope I’ll see them again.