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Focussed Instruction for Dogs and Owners (FIDO) is a company dedicated to offering expert help and advice for every stage of the life of your dog.We offer guidance and assistance in choosing the right dog for your lifestyle, organising your home for your new pet and introducing them to your family and home.

Consultations, advice and instruction are available to help in identifying and dealing with behaviour issues as your dog matures and also training so you and your pet understand one another and learn to live in harmony.


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Thoughts on Canine Socialisation

Thoughts on Canine Socialisation

I had a phone call some weeks ago from a worried dog owner who just couldn’t understand why her 3 year old collie was so nervous that it lunged at people and dogs if it got too close to them when out for walks. She was convinced that her dog has always been nervous because the first time she took her out, after the completion of her vaccination program at about 13 weeks of age, the puppy was easily startled by the sight of dogs of different breeds, unusual objects and even a coat lying on the grass. Months of training followed and he became wonderfully obedient but still afraid of other dogs. The anxious owner could not understand how this could be and finally sought my advice.

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